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Why Flickerboxx?

  • Party Perfectionists! We’re not just a team; we’re your ultimate event allies. We know your celebration is a big deal, and we’re all about going the extra mile (with a smile!) to make it unforgettable.
  • Premium Pleasure, Smart Spending! Dive into an ocean of excitement with our premium services, smartly priced for value. We’re all about delivering first-class fun that aligns perfectly with your expectations for both quality and cost.
  • Your Event Dream Team! Our crew? Think of them as your personal event superheroes. They’re seasoned, skilled, and super enthusiastic about turning your party vision into a vibrant reality.
  • Joy Architects! Thousands of events and countless smiles later, we’re the wizards of wonderful experiences. Trust us to know exactly what it takes to make your event not just successful, but exceptionally so!


Frequently Asked

Can I customize the photo prints?

Every event has a template customized for your event. Let us know color schemes, designs, logo,what text you want, if you want a hashtag etc… We even have some customers who will send their invitation and we can match the template to your invitation!

How does the photo booth work?

Most events either use a 2×6 strip(usually with 3 images and a design at the bottom) or a 4×6 with 1,2 or 3 images on the print out. The booth will take pictures back to back usually with 3 seconds in between.  The users can choose to use props(in some cases you can use virtual props chosen on the screen) or not. You can choose to either just print out the pictures taken, just text the image to your cell phone or do both. Animations such as GIFs or boomerangs can only be texted. Guests have unlimited sessions and prints during the time the booth is open! The person who booked the event will receive a link to the online gallery of all the images after the event.

When will the photo booth technician arrive?

Anywhere from 60 min to an hour before the booth opens depending on the location and the type of setup.

Will I get the photos after the event?

We send out the link to the online gallery within a week after the event.

Do you bring props?

Yes of course! We will bring props that match your event. We can also have custom props created for an additional charge and you are also free to bring props to the event as well.

How do you pay?

We will send a link to you via email where you can pay by card on a secure site. You will receive a receipt immediately for your records! If you have to pay by check please let us know upfront so we can let you know where to send the check. The check must be received at least 2 weeks before the event.

How much space do you need?

12ft by 12ft space. We prefer to put our open setup backdrop in front of a wall and we will need at least 1 120 V standard outlet.

What is the cancellation policy?

The deposit is non refundable but can be applied toward another event if booked within 60 days of the original event. If paid in full, we will need 30 day notice to return the payment less the non refundable deposit.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes we do! Let us know if you need a COI for your event and we can provide it for you.

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